August 25, 2009

Your Comments

To all of you who have so kindly read my blog posts and taken the time to leave comments:

My Reply to Comments button is BROKEN!!! Have not been able to reply to any of your comments at all. Have sent in numerous requests for help to WordPress Support and tried all of their suggestions, but no luck so far!

Am still hoping for resolution. Until then, please know that I would love to be talking back at you but simply cannot.

This would be me if I had red hair!


Sara said...

What a fun project! Turned out looking great. All those extras you put into it are terrific and just show what a detail-oriented person you are.

Good luck with tech support. If I had a dime for every minute I was on the phone with tech support.....I could buy my own personal geek to stand behind my office chair at my beck and call!

jayaycee said...

Well, I ended up having to change browsers to make the Reply to Comments feature work. Seems like Internet Explorer is the standard so I'm baffled as to why you can't use it. But, oh well. Looks like I'm replying to your comment! ;-)