August 14, 2009

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Another prayer shawl is completed and I will be sending it to someone who recently lost her husband in an auto accident. She was injured as well and I'm sure the physical and emotional healing will require much strength and support.

I include a card with each shawl given that is appropriate to their particular situation whether it be illness, a new baby, a birthday, bereavement, etc. Following is a sample of the card given to someone who was going through chemotherapy:

This shawl was made just for you
To bring comfort
To know you are loved
To share in your joy
This shawl is to wrap you up
When you're cold
When you're hurting
When you need to snuggle
This shawl was knitted
With Blessings
With Love
With Prayers

 Another verse I like to use:

This is a prayer shawl
but it’s also a hug
Thousands of stitches
each made with love

 So wrap it around you
and let yourself feel
the love of your friends
every day of the year!

This prayer shawl is a combination of lace rib and stockinette stitch stripes on the knitting machine and the border was crocheted by hand.

Tan Prayer Shawl

If you are interested in a prayer shawl ministry or how it came about, click here. Many churches and charitable organizations are now embracing the prayer shawl ministry. It's a beautiful thing!


Sara said...

What a wonderful project. The world needs more positive outreach like this. Thank you for being involved!

It reminds me of when I had my abdominal hysterectomy. I was given a small flannel pillow made by the hospital volunteers and was told it was to hold against the surgical site. There wasn't much to it, but it was made of a flowery, light flannel like you would use for a child's PJ's and I was amazed at how much comfort I gained from it. And that was just for a routine surgery. The amount of comfort and love that is felt when wrapped in one of these shawls while enduring major life events must be immeasurable.

jayaycee said...

It really makes me feel good to make prayer shawls for people. There really is thought, care and love in every stitch.