August 11, 2009

But, Louie!

Here's another one of my favorite pictures. We have a doggie door that the dogs use at least 1,000 times a day. Thank God, I would hate to have to open and close the door each time! Louie likes to sit in the doggie door with his front feet and head outside so he can scope out what's going on in the yard. So what we see on the inside is Louie's butt.

And Miles will just pace around back and forth inside behind Louie with his legs crossed, waiting for Louie to move so he can go out. Never fails to crack me up!

But, Louie -- or should I say Louie's butt!
But, Louie -- or should I say "Louie's butt!"


Kelli said...

If I had a dollar for every time I let these darn beagles in and out I would never have to work again....might be able to bring down the national debt. On the flip side, somedays it's the only exercise I get!

Sara said...

We are moving out of the apartment to a house just so we can HAVE a doggie door! This leash-walking is for the birds. Of course, my 75# dogs won't look as cute if they try the same thing as Louie!

jayaycee said...

We really are spoiled having the dog door. Can't wait until it's cool enough to do some leash-walking after dinner like we did when you were here last. ;-)

jayaycee said...

Interesting idea ... block the dog door and let them in and out by walking over there each time. Could probably lose a few pounds. Naaaahhhh!