August 21, 2009

Knitted Gift Pouch

Knitted gift pouch

My middle sister is having a birthday soon and I know she loves turquoise. We had spent the 4th of July in Prescott, Arizona, enjoying every minute of their wonderful celebration in Courthouse Square. There were hundreds of craft booths and -- as hubby mentioned a few times -- I looked at EVERYTHING in EVERY booth! There was a great booth selling turquoise jewelry and I found some beautiful silver dangle earrings with turquoise stones. Okay, done.

Birthday Earrings in Knitted Gift Pouch

Now, what to send them in to make it more exciting. I decided to knit a little gift pouch. Played with it some and ripped it out and started over a few times. Settled on a moss stitch pattern and a button closure. Used size 6 needles and worsted weight acrylic yarn. Finished size, closed and buttoned, is 3-3/4 x 5-1/2".

Cast on 3 stitches.

First row (right side): Increase in 1st stitch, knit 1, increase in last stitch - 5 stitches total.

2nd row and all wrong side rows of flap only: Purl across.

Row 3: Increase in 1st stitch, knit 3, increase in last stitch - 7 stitches total.

Row 5: Increase 1 stitch in each of first 2 stitches, knit to last 2 stitches, then increase 1 stitch in each - 11 stitches total.

Continue increasing 4 stitches on right side rows until you have 23 -- this forms the pointed flap.

Body of pouch is in moss stitch: knit 1, purl 1 across every row until body portion is 7" long.

Bind off.

Knitted gift pouch before seaming sides

Single crochet around entire edge. Crochet a small chain for loop -- length of chain depends on the size of your button. I used a 1" button. Determine where button needs to sit and sew on. Seam sides of pouch together.

Crocheting around the edge of the knitted gift pouch

You could make this any size by increasing more stitches for width and adding more length. You could use different size needles and/or yarn or change the pattern stitch. You could make it without crocheting around the edge, but would probably have to block it to keep the flap from curling.

You could make a strap for it and carry it as a little "going out" bag. I remember shopping in the handbag section of a department store with my youngest daughter who was in her late 20s at the time. I picked up a tiny, tiny handbag and said, "What could you carry in this?" Daughter replied, "A driver's license and a clean pair of panties." I looked at her, shocked, and we both burst out laughing. Just then, a snooty old lady walked around a display and glared at us. We stopped laughing just until she had walked on by, then laughed even harder. Good times ...

I am posting this because my sister already received her gift in the mail yesterday so I can't spoil the surprise. Happy Birthday, sis!!! Love you!!!


4badbill said...

What an adorable little gift pouch. It would make any little present very special! Have printed it out. Many thanks!

Sara said...

How unique! You just might inspire me to start knitting.... Well done on the gift choice!

Kelli said...

It was a LOVELY surprise! It's fun to not only have a beautiful new pair of earrings to wear, but to be able to use the wrapping, too! This little pouch comes in very handy when I use my string-bag/backpack (walking or taking pics with my hands free) - I hate fishing around in bag purses trying to find something. The textured knit makes it easy to grab right away. PLUS, I think of my sister every time I use it!

jayaycee said...

I'm so glad!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL Birthday full of love and many more happy surprises! FYI ... had to change browsers to be able to use Reply to Comment -- but I can reply back now. :-)

jayaycee said...

I would so love to knit with you! Someday ...

jayaycee said...

Yay, I had to change browsers to be able to Reply to Comments, but at least I can now reply. :-) Glad you like the gift pouch. My granddaughter wants me to make her a brown one to match her Fair Isle purse now. Wouldn't this be cute to knit for Christmas and put gift cards in? Hmmmmm.

Judy Laquidara said...

I like that idea a lot! Thanks!