August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Spooning with Horsie

Louie nappking with his horsie squeak toy
Louie napping with his horsie squeak toy
Wordless Wednesday


Nichole said...

TOO cute! Thanks for stopping by - hope you'll come back for the official reviews of all of those books!!!! Btw - fellow knitter, check out my Namaste review earlier this week... there's a giveaway item you might like!

jayaycee said...

I will be stopping by again and again. Fellow knitters unite!

Sara said...

My Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix, Gryphon, actually sleeps with his big red Kong ball. He often falls asleep with it in his mouth! Sleeping dogs are always cute. Thanks for sharing this one of Louie.

jayaycee said...

Now that's tired -- falling asleep with a chew toy in your mouth!!!