Puppy Love

We love our 4-legged babies, Miles and Louie. Here are all the reasons why ...

Snoopin' and Snoozin'

Puppy Daddy

It's a Dog Day Afternoon

I Adore Yorkies

Louie the Plant Eater

Bony Bird's Nest

Good Morning

The Easter Buppies

Speaking of Dog Food

Sharing Kibble with My Bro

Blurry Miles

The After Bath

Ain't No Mattress High Enough - Dog Stairs: The Movie

Pooch Under a Pillow

Whatcha doing Mom?

A Red Sweater Day

The Buppies

Dog Pillow For Sale

Peking Duck?

Ratty Ol' Mouse

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie II

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Things That Make You Go Aaawwwwww...

All "Groomed" Up and No Place to Go

Spooning With Horsie

Top Knot

But, Louie!

The Yorkshire Terrors