August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cowgirl!

Cowgirl with rope

Just a quick Hi, Howdy and Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister.

Have a beautiful day. Love you bunches!

Also, mom found and sent a photo of one of my cute Chicken Scratch embroidered dresses from when I was little. See my post from Sunday, August 30th: "The Flow of Creativity - Teach Someone Something Today!"

Thanks, Mom! Love you, too!
As a young cutie pie in my Chicken Scratch embroidered outfit
As a young cutie pie in my Chicken Scratch embroidered outfit


Kelli said...

Thank you! Whole bunch of new things to wear and carry. I look like a 48-year-old million bucks!

Love the dress - do you still have it? Did Grandma use the pink tape to cut your bangs? : )

jayaycee said...

Oh yeah, the pink tape. I had forgotten about that. She probably did!

Sara said...

Mom used the pink tape on my bangs. Do they even still make that stuff? And it makes you wonder why, as an adult, I have NEVER had bangs!

jayaycee said...

I haven't seen the pink stuff for years, but I haven't really looked for it either. I do have bangs, but I have very strict rules about how short they can be. The lady who cuts my hair just rolls her eyes because I always lecture her about the length before she starts.

Kelli said...

I do the classic side-swoop. But, I can't stand to see them in my peripheral vision -drives me nuts. And I don't have far to drive...