August 13, 2009

Ta Daaaa - Tie-Dye

I find it amazing that I have done so many different types of crafts over the years, including macrame in the 70's, and have never attempted tie-dye. I've always thought it was cool and it seems there is a tie-dye revival every so often. There is currently an entire booth devoted to tie-dye products at the local farmers' market.

Tie-Dye 1

So I had purchased a white terry cloth swimsuit cover up for myself and a white T-shirt for the granddaughter and we prepared to tie-dye both of them. Let the fun begin!

Tie-Dye 2

We got a 3-color tie-dye kit from WalMart for $9.99, laid out trash bags to protect the counter top and put aprons on to protect our clothes. I pleated and rubber banded my cover up and she decided to freehand her T-shirt.

Tie-Dye 3

I did find out that it's pretty much impossible to take pictures without getting dye on your hands while removing your plastic gloves and putting them back on.

Tie-Dye 4
Tie-Dye 5

The instructions said to wrap the items in plastic wrap and leave them for 6 to 8 hours. It nearly killed us, but we were able to wait 6 hours. :o  Then wash them in the hottest water possible.

Tie-Dye 6

And voila!!! Or should I say, "Wow, man..."  The finished product is fun and colorful and you can actually wear it. And now I can cross tie-dye off my bucket list.

Tie-Dye 7


Kelli said...

Dude......!!!! Totally gnarly shirts, man. Sweetie, you are an amazing artist! I love you! Tye-die DOES seem to come back a lot. Bob's company decided everyone at the company picnic should have matching shirts once - they were blue and white tye-die. With hundreds of people walking around in them, it looked like a storm-tossed lake. Hard not to get sea-sick. Maybe that's what the marijuana is for! : )

Sara said...

Psychadelic!!!!!!!! Makes me yearn for incense and peppermint! Now I've added tie-dye to MY bucket list!

jayaycee said...

Hubby was flabbergasted when he read that I had tie-dye on my bucket list. Not really ... that's why it's funny!

jayaycee said...

Wow, I can actually picture the sea of blue and white tie-dye shirts. Marijuana, dramamine, whatever. :-)