August 2, 2009

Product Review - Perfect 10 Hair Color

Perfect 10 Hair ColorI've been coloring my hair for many more years than I'd like to even think about. And, sadly,  there has been more gray hair to cover every year. I've always had a hard time spending money at a salon, even on a haircut. Yes, I frequently sit in the cheap bastard section on most things! So I have always colored my own hair, usually with Clairol Nice'n Easy. It generally takes somewhere in the 25 to 45 minute range for the color to set and I even hate that it takes that long. There's always something I'd rather be doing than fussing with my hair!

So I recently tried Clairol's Perfect 10 Hair Color. It does cost a few dollars more than regular Nice'n Easy, but it only takes 10 to 15 minutes, people. The 15 minutes is for gray hair, but it's only 15 minutes!!! And the color is gorgeous. I tried #6A Light Ash Brown (Instant Cocoa) and it's the best, most natural looking color I've had in ages. And my hair is soft, very soft, which is so nice because the gray hair comes in on the wiry side. See what you young girls have to look forward to? And you just color your hair for fun.

This is strictly my opinion -- I am definitely not getting paid to give a good review of this product and I purchased my own box of hair color. I was just very happy with the results and thought I'd share ...

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