April 5, 2010

Palm Saturday

He's at it again. Give the man something to hack up with a chain saw and he's happy. We had three dead palm trees in the yard and when I suggested Saturday that we cut off the one in the front yard and use it as a pedestal for a plant pot or something - you know, decorate it - Hubby went into action.

Here are the two in the back yard ...
They were so rotten that they pretty much fell over when he started pushing on them. He used a pick to chop and dig the roots out of the ground.
And a chain saw to cut up the trunks ...
... into manageable sized pieces to haul away.
I was about as much help as this little guy (he's about 3" long), who appeared to be fascinated by all the chaos. The dogs, of course, were hiding in the house.
Here are a few more pictures of the gorgeous Easter tulips from my sweetie. They are opening up spectacularly ...

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