April 24, 2010

Grill Pan Love

My favorite addition to kitchenware lately is a grill pan. I seem to be using it more and more and I love the results. It's 12" and very heavy (I use two hands to pick it up - none of the fancy food flipping you see on TV with this thing).

For lunch recently, I used it to make some gooey grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Yes, those are Cheetos, but the baked variety so they're not quite as bad.
And for dinner, we used it to make grilled Jennie-O Lean Sweet Italian Turkey Sausages, then ate them on hot dog buns with pasta salad. (The sausages were very good, by the way.)

When we don't crank up the gas grill outside, it's a great substitute. Burgers cook beautifully in this pan.

I have a nice set of Vollrath pots and pans that I bought at a Home & Garden Show years ago. They're great ... but I am using the heck out of this grill pan. And the best part is that it was free. We shop several different grocery stores and Albertsons tends to run promotions for things like knives and cookware. This grill pan was one of their giveaways where we saved stamps from purchases. (Remember S & H Green Stamps?) It's Wedgwood Everyday cookware and the suggested retail price was $90. I have to say, I was thrilled to get it for free, but it's worth every penny of that $90.

I have given both daughters grill pans now as well and, from my experience, every kitchen should have one.

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Noner said...

That grilled cheese looks devine!