February 20, 2011

Good Bad Words

When I was in high school during the early 70s, there was a word we used as a somewhat derogatory term when other kids were doing something obnoxious or stupid ...


I remember thinking it was such a nasty sounding word that I rarely used it myself, but when I heard somebody else use it, I practically fell to the floor laughing.

What a dink!

We were watching something on TV a few weeks ago and a guy called another guy a dink. I about fell off my chair and got into a discussion with Hubby and the Granddaughter about it. I looked it up on dictionary.com (YES, it's in the dictionary) and one of its slang definitions is "A jerk or a goof." So funny enough, it's really not that bad a word. It just still sounds kind of bad to me but I'm getting over it ...  real fast.

We drove to a furniture store in Tempe this morning since everyone is having President's Day sales and we're in the market for a new dining room table and chairs. Even though this store is unfortunately named The Dump, they have high quality furniture and pretty good prices. Since we're spontaneous and nobody thought to check the store's hours before we took off, we got there at 10:30 and they didn't open until 11:00. It seemed like the perfect time to go have some breakfast/brunch at a nearby restaurant with another unfortunate name, Crackers Cafe, that had a long line and very good food ...

The Granddaughter ordered her favorite Belgian Waffle and when she went to pour the syrup, she commented that she hoped it was maple syrup. We often go to IHOP that has four flavors of syrup on the table. Hubby/Bampa said, "What if it's butterscotch syrup?" The Granddaughter and I just looked at each other in scorn and said, "They don't have butterscotch syrup ... it's butter pecan."

He's so sure he's right that he decides to bet us -- a dollar each -- that it is butterscotch syrup rather than butter pecan. He calls IHOP, while we're sitting at Crackers Cafe, to prove he's right. The Granddaughter and I were feeling pretty smug about then because the two of us have been to our IHOP so often, the wait staff knows us there. AND the syrup dispensers have the actual syrup flavors spelled out on top of their lids -- old-fashioned maple, strawberry, blueberry and butter pecan. We're listening to his side of the conversation while he confirms that it is in fact butter pecan, hangs up, looks at us and starts laughing. I turned to the Granddaughter and said {wait for it} ...

He's a dink!

I'm telling you, we laughed hard! He paid off his dollar bet, then we went to The Dump and picked out two tables ...

Even though the one on the left is nearly twice as much in price, I'm thinking we like the details on it a little more. The table legs are prettier and look more like the antique buffet and hutch it will share our dining room with, and the chairs are more comfortable. We did go to two other furniture stores afterward, but these are our top two picks. Still deciding, but we'll probably just call and order one of them tomorrow for delivery to get in on the holiday weekend sale. What do you think?


Dazee Dreamer said...

I like the one you have chosen.

I would have loved to be at breakfast with you guys. Sounds like you have a great time with your granddaughter.

Tightwad Mom said...

Hee! Hee! Hee! Dink........hilarious! I believe I have heard my hubby use that word a time or two. I'm with you, I like the table on the left. It's an investment piece, so get what you want. You will admiring it for a long time.

Pepsi Breath said...

I agree -- one on the left.

Lovin' the dink story. I used to think 'asinine' was a bad word when I was younger. Mom used it a lot.

How could he have even thought he had half a chance going up against 2 females when it comes to details about food? No wonder he only bet you each a buck.

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

LOL! Love the story! I'm going to have to use that, I know some Dinks :)
here they used to call DINKS, Double Income No Kids.
Love the Dining table you picked, it's beautiful!

Baby Sister said...

I think dink is a great word and I am going to start using it!!

I like them both, but because I'm all about comfort I say go for the one on the left because you said the chairs were more comfortable.

Look at me using my brain. :)

blueviolet said...

I like them both, but I'd be inclined to go with the one that matches the other furniture better too.

From the dink to the Dump. I loved this story!

Loren said...

Oh goodness....what a story :) I haven't heard of this word before !! With all the words kids use today that we used to say that now have totally different meaning I gotta say Dink sounds pretty good LOL

I like your choice too and if it's most comfortable then by all means go for comfy! You buns will be thanking you ;)

Enjoy and show us pics once it arrives and is ready for dinner ok!

Love ya!