October 8, 2009

Howdy, Partner

The granddaughter and her auntie went to see the Disney/Pixar 3D double feature "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" this week. Made me remember an incident at Blockbuster Video.

talking woodyThe granddaughter was about 3 years old when "Toy Story 2" was released on video. Hubby and I took her to Blockbuster to rent movies and just as we walked in the door there was a big display of toys for "Toy Story 2." She snatches up a pull-string talking Woody doll, hugs him and looks up at us with those big blue eyes. Of course, we were going to buy it for her!

We select movies and I get in a long line with them. She is running around the store on her chubby little legs with hubby right behind her. She decides she doesn't want to hold her doll anymore and trots up to me. At the top of her lungs in her high-pitched little girl voice she says, "Nana, will you hold my Woody?" Of course, everyone in the store heard her and laughed.

I get up to the checkout counter and the teenage boy helping us holds the Woody doll over his head and yells to a co-worker, "How much for this Woody?" The other kid yells back, "Is it a 6" or a 9" Woody?"

At this point, we are all rolling on the floor. It was so innocent and so suggestive and completely hilarious!


Kelli said...

Our local theaters are showing the 3D version of Toy Story 1 & 2, back-to-back. You would think your eyeballs would fall right out of your head after three hours!

jayaycee said...

The girls went to the double feature and wore their 3D glasses and apparently ate enough sugary crap to not notice they sat there for that long! :-)

4badbill said...

Love this story!

jayaycee said...

It was definitely one of those "ya gotta laugh" moments!