October 21, 2010

The Color Blue Sucks!

Why, oh why, is my favorite color blue? And why is it so hard to get the things I want in blue? I wear a lot of blue and I pretty much live in denim so I like navy blue shoes: navy blue heels, navy blue sandals, navy blue wedges, navy blue flip flops. But I have very few in my closet because they're so hard to find. Always there are lots of black and brown and even burgundy shoes available, but forget navy blue.

If I ever wanted to do something completely asinine, like open another retail store, I would call it Blue Shoes and that's all I would carry.

Of course, it would be the size of a small closet since there would be very little merchandise in it.

Because blue shoes are so ridiculously hard to find!

I've never bought shoes on the Internet. I have to try shoes on, see how they feel, walk around in them, think about it, look in the weird tilted shoe mirror. So I have to go into brick & mortar stores to shoe shop which really cuts down on the options for navy blue shoes.

I recently got a new camera. At the last minute, we decided to buy a Nikon S3000 the night before we left on vacation last month. I got it at Target and all they had was pink which I wasn't at all thrilled about. The sales guy said take it, try it, return it if you change your mind.

This is not normally something I do. I am fundamentally against returning merchandise unless there's something wrong with it. I rarely buy anything I don't want so why would I return it? I have friends who will buy racks of clothes and then return them the next day. I don't get it. If you don't want it, don't buy it in the first place. I've always been pretty sure of what I want so indecisiveness drives me nuts. When we had our stationery store and I'd sit for hours and hours with brides going through invitation books and they couldn't narrow it down to their top 50 that they liked, it was torture. True, honest-to-God torture!

So off we went on vacation with the little pink Nikon. I took well over 800 pictures and it is a great camera. I just couldn't get past the pink. Of course, I wanted a blue one. I returned the pink camera to Target and ordered a blue one online through RitzCamera.com. A few days later, I checked on it and found out it was on backorder. For 3 weeks I tried to find out when they expected to receive the blue cameras. I called, emailed and did the live chat with customer service reps. Nope, nada, nothin'!

All I want is my freakin' blue camera!

I did another online search and found them through Amazon at a store called 17th Street Photo in New York. When I placed my order, the screen showed 4 blue cameras in stock. We shall see ...

For a while now I have wanted a pretty cobalt blue LeCreuset casserole dish. I buzzed around town a few months ago looking for one and they're $65.00. Since I didn't really need it, just wanted it, I couldn't justify spending that kind of money on bakeware. Then in September, I won a $60.00 gift card to CSNStores.com through a wonderful blog that features the best recipes, One Crazy Cookie. Talk about excited! I could just see my coveted casserole dish filled with bubbling lasagna or chewy brownies. Yum!

When I placed the order, I was told Le Creuset was a special order and would take a month. *sigh* Okay. But when I checked on it after 5 weeks, I was told it was backordered until at least the middle of December, which is yet another 8 weeks or so. For crying out loud, people! How hard is it to get a blue casserole dish?

So I cried blue tears of despair and changed my order to an azur blue Emile Henry casserole dish and the price was such that I was able to sneak in an additional smaller casserole dish to match. These dishes are supposed to ship this week. We shall see ...

I wish I liked another color as well. I just don't. Now all this backordered, unavailable, impossible to find blue stuff has me feeling decidedly blue!


Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

My fave right now is Robin's Egg Blue...and my boys point it out to me all the time. It's such a lovely shade!

Elizabeth @ Southern Comfort said...

I hate that for you! Sometimes it seems the stars are mis-aligned just to piss us off doesn't it? Please give us an update as things arrive (I'm being very hopefull for you!). Happy Thursday!

Noelle said...

If you were to open a store called Blue Shoes, I would visit regularly!!!

lisaschaos said...

Oh you would so love my cobalt blue mixer! lol. I am not so totally wrapped up into blue as you are but I know it's really hard to find blue shoes. Seems I just buy black or brown shoes to wear with anything. My first Razor (phone) was blue. :0) I seem to gravitate towards red phones and such.

blueviolet said...

You are cracking me up here! My favorite color is navy blue and so I do feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

I know right?

I am always looking for navy blue shoes.

Whenever I find a pair?

I snatch them up.

Wanna know how many pairs of navy blue shoes I have?



WhisperingWriter said...

Blue is a nice color. I definately LOVE blue eyes.

Tightwad Mom said...

Who knew that blue could be so difficult! Blue is my favorite color,too. I guess blue is worth waiting for!

Baby Sister said...

OH wow...I am sorry that you are not having any lucky. I'll try sending some good luck blue vibes your way. ;)

p.s. today the word verification was blue. I think it's a sign. :)

Loren said...

bless your blue pickin heart! I never knew that it was so hard to find items in blue! that is crazy...don't you know when Elvis was singing his heart out about his blue suede shoes...they weren't hard to find then! drats! Hope you get all you are hoping for in the weeks ahead or I think they may find a RED faced consumer with no more patience left !!!

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