October 10, 2009


Walked out into our front yard facing West yesterday evening and had to run for my camera. This sunset was just so beautiful I wanted to share it.

an october sunset in phoenix

The good news is we are DONE PAINTING THE WALLS! We still have to do some touch up work. Our trim -- door frames and base boards -- is white so we have to even up some lines and fix some color smudges. But we are done with the major painting. Finished the last two rooms today, the laundry room and guest bathroom. I am dying to go get a new shower curtain that will look fabulous with the Spice Cake paint.

We've been doing our "Yay, the painting is done" happy dance around the house. It feels good!


Kelli said...

Good job you guys! Can't wait to see it. Desert sunsets are awesome.

jayaycee said...

We can't wait until you see it, too -- the sooner, the better!!!

It was a breathtaking sunset ...