October 31, 2009

Reading "Change of Heart"

Change of HeartJodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors. I've read all of her books and enjoyed every one of them immensely. A few have even been made into movies -- "The Pact," "Plain Truth," "My Sister's Keeper."

I just finished reading "Change of Heart," published in 2008. This book kept me hooked from page one and right through to the end ... 449 pages of pure enjoyment.

It's about a man on death row in New Hampshire for killing two people -- a police officer and his young stepdaughter. The wife/mother of the victims is pregnant at the time of the murders and gives birth to a daughter with an unfortunate, life-threatening medical condition.

Without giving too much away, I can tell you that strange happenings on death row brings frenzied public attention to the prisoner and he is believed to be the Messiah.

jodi picoultThere are many moral issues in this story such as where do religion and state meet, what constitutes a religion and as the quote says on the front jacket of the book, "Would you grant your enemy's dying wish to save your child's life?"

Very well-written. Jodi Picoult is so thorough in her research. Her characters feel like people you know. There are twists and turns in this story right to the very satisfying ending.

Visit her website at http://www.jodipicoult.com.


Michelle @ One Crafty Mama said...

I enjoy her books as well, but haven't read any in a while. This one sounds interesting. Thanks for the review.

jayaycee said...

Her characters always seem so real to me. Always a good read!

Jen said...

Found your blog on Ask and was so glad i did. That was a warming read. I have a small question.Is it alright if i send you an email???...