January 3, 2010

Airplane Mode

You have to take a test to get a driver's license but anyone can get a phone. A little earlier today -- January 3rd -- I tried to send a text message to YD because we were going to get together to hang some shelves and pictures in her apartment. And it said the message couldn't be sent. What? Then I realized that any messages I had tried to send for the last few days had not gone. What???

Apparently, when I was fooling around with my phone on New Year's Eve, sending text messages to the kids and playing games, I somehow put my phone on "Airplane Mode" which stops it from transmitting.

So when I finally was able to figure out how to take it off of Airplane Mode, all of the "Happy New Year" messages I sent 3 days ago just went out.

This is the message I got back from YD today after she received my "Happy New Year" 3 days late:

"Holy crap who let u into the alcohol? Kidding!"

I guess she thought I was still celebrating.

I have read the touch phone manual from cover to cover, but I understand they give some kind of lesson at the Sprint store. Sign me up!


Kelli said...

How long a string would we have to have to go back to tin cans? : )

jayaycee said...

That may be too complicated for me as well -- I'd probably end up with it wrapped around my neck.

Maybe smoke signals? At least I could cook something while I'm talking!!!

Lacey Jane said...

Great idea - I burn something in the kitchen at least once a week. I'm the inspiration behind the phrase, "Dinner will be ready when the fire alarm goes off!"

jayaycee said...

When my in-laws were here for Thanksgiving, FIL set off our smoke alarm frying bacon. I told him I didn't think I'd ever set it off cooking before and he said it's really easy and asked if I'd like a lesson. ;-)