May 2, 2010

I Know What You're Doing

So let me set the stage. We have a home office where Hubby and I each have desks a few feet apart. He works from home, so he's in there all day long on the phone and working on his computer. When I work at my desktop PC in there, he talks to me ... frequently ... as in Will you look at this? Can you proofread this? What do you think of this? Hey, listen to this. And my favorite: How do you spell ...? He tells the kids that he married me because I could spell. :-) Sigh ... isn't that romantic?

But since my desktop PC has been running so slow and it's pretty old, Hubby got me a new MacBook laptop almost a month ago. And since there isn't a place for it in the office yet, we set it up on the kitchen counter island ... and I've camped there ever since. Here's my view ...

The first two weeks I was sitting in the kitchen, Hubby would call out to me from the office, "Are you ever coming back in here? I miss you." Then, "Can I ask you something?" or "Can I show you something?" or "Can you come in here?"

And last week, he came strolling into the kitchen and said, "I know what you're doing!" I was a little shocked and just looked at him. He continued, "You think I bother you too much so you're not working in the office anymore." I tried to reassure him that this was not the case, but when I told YD about this conversation, we just giggled.

I'm sure once we unplug the old PC and get it out of the office, I'll move back in there. I really miss my scanner and printer ... okay, and my Hubby! But for now, it's just me and the gentle humming of the refrigerator in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

There must be something about men and spelling 'cause my hubs is the same way. How lucky that your hubs gets to work from home and you are at home, too.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm jealous! I do like your view in the kitchen. My unofficial desk is my kitchen table.

Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

p.s. Silly me, I just realized I wasn't following your blog yet. I am now your newest follower. I also appreciate your visits and comments at mine.

Kayembee said...

Roger, Houston, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???!

VKT said...

I tried to grab your button but I can't figure out how? Do you have a code thing someplace?

Bless your husband's heart. He not only missed you, he missed your spelling. Lol

I love your kitchen!!!! It is so bright and airy!

GrammyMouseTails said...

well it is nice to take a break from hubby once in awhile ;) We are together 24/7 too, and I get asked for spelling, LOL! But I would like to know how Miles & Louie can sit on your lap if you are working in that gorgeous kitchen? I am jealous of how bright it is too!(I miss my Yorkies)

Just Breathe said...

I know with our daughter living her now I get asked questions all day so it takes me longer to blog.
My husband and I each have offices in our home at opposite ends of the house :)

Anonymous said...

I love this! So cute. :)

Marice said...

awwww such a sweet post :) i so enjoyed readin it :)