May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daughter!

Happy 34th Birthday
to our
Oldest Daughter!

(I know this isn't supposed to be about me,
but, WOW, that makes me feel old!)

We love you bunches,
Mom and Dad

In honor of your special day, I will relive one of the many entertaining stories of your youth ...

Our Oldest Daughter was one of the first amongst her friends to get her driver's license so she did all of the taxiing when they went out. On weekend nights, they would get all dressed up and go to a dance club in Scottsdale. This was an underage club, so no alcohol, just dancing.

She had an 11 pm curfew on weekends, but had been getting in later and later. I finally put my foot down and told her the next time she came in after curfew, I was taking the car keys away. So on this particular Saturday night, I was in bed reading while Hubby snoozed away, waiting for her to walk in the door.

Just about 11:00, the phone rang and I figured it was OD with some lame excuse about why she was going to be late again. Instead, I hear this deep male voice say, "Mrs. Cee?"

I had that Uh Oh feeling ... "Yes?"

"This is Officer So-and-So with the Scottsdale Police Department and I have your daughter here."

Our bedroom phone is on Hubby's nightstand, so when I answered it, I jumped out of bed and ran around to his side. The minute I heard Police, I grabbed Hubby's arm and apparently sank my nails in. I think he stood straight up in bed from a dead sleep.

Officer So-and-So continued, "I was in a marked patrol car, going north on Scottsdale Road when your daughter and her friends passed me going over the speed limit. I couldn't believe this car was speeding past a patrol car, so I pulled them over. When I asked her why she would do something so dumb, she said that if she was late for curfew again, her Mom was going to kill her. Well, Mrs. Cee, I just wanted to tell you that you must be doing something right if your kid is more afraid of you than the police."

Whew, a compliment? This must be a first!

As it turned out, he did not give her a ticket, just a warning. She was definitely lucky, even though she had hell to pay when she finally got home!


Dazee Dreamer said...

LMAO. That is great! And Happy Birthday to you daughter!!!

Little Mochi said...

LOL! Happy Birthday to your Daughter hope she has a terrific day.

Tightwad Mom said...

LOL! I love this story! It makes you a proud mama at times like that.You've raised your baby right!

Marvelous Mommy said...

Haha Great story! At least she didn't get the ticket!! Happy Birthday OD!

cathyjoy said...

LMAO! you did exactly right! the kid may be taller than me now and outweigh me by 20 pounds but he is still terrified of that case of "whup-ass" i still have in the garage! (and believe me...i know howta use it!)