December 12, 2009

Reading "The Quickie"

I've always been a fan of James Patterson's novels and "The Quickie" is no exception. Written with Michael Ledwidge,  I don't believe I've ever read a book with quite so many twists, turns and surprises, right to the very end. Just when you think you know what's going on ... you don't!

Lauren Stillwell is happily married to a successful businessman, enjoys driving a Mini Cooper and has a job she was made for. Until the day she decides to surprise her husband, Paul, by showing up at his office in Manhattan for a lunch date. And sees him with another woman. And then everything changes.

She decides revenge is the only way to salve her wound and has an affair of her own. But nothing is as it seems. Something new is revealed about their past history, jobs and marriage with every page turned. Anymore said about the story would just be a spoiler but the action and intrigue are non-stop.

This is a quick read with short chapters that make you say, "Just one more ..." While I was reading it, I had left the book laying on a table and when I told hubby he'd enjoy it, he said he'd already snuck in the first six chapters!

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