December 7, 2009

The Christmas Spirit

Youngest daughter and I were laughing today about one of our Christmas tree hunting trips in Colorado years ago. We had gone to a Christmas tree farm and driven way in to hopefully find the perfect tree. We always packed treats to eat and took a big thermos of hot chocolate. We'd sing carols all the way there and back. This particular year, our little granddaughter had just turned one so we were especially festive and happy.

We had tromped around and found a great tree, hubby brought out the hand saw and we all gathered 'round to help by watching. There were, of course, other families there, doing the same thing and a few rows over, was a big station wagon.

All of a sudden, the mother is screaming, "Get in the *#%$@ car and shut the hell up!"

I could not resist shouting out, "Merrrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas!"

And the kids are horrified and bolt for our truck. They apparently thought someone would come over and open up a can of Christmas whoop-ass on us. Didn't happen. I'm sure my Christmas spirit helped!

Hubby has told us about seeing his sister in a Christmas program when they were kids. Jingle Bells was the song and she was kind of swinging her bent arm and punching the air for emphasis as she sang with gusto, "Oh what the fun it is to ride ... " I guess every time she sang 'what the fun' his parents would cringe and hope for the best.


Kelli said...

Dad used to tell this story about his dad: Gma always took the kids to church, but Gpa would never go. One year, dad was in a Christmas pageant and begged his dad to go...but no. Everyone left and Gpa started feeling guilty, so he went to see the play. Sat through the whole thing and never saw dad. Turns out he had gone to the wrong church and watched the wrong play!

Sara said...

Oh what the fun it is to hear your stories!

jayaycee said...

Oh my gosh, I have never heard that story before. What a riot! I cannot even begin to imagine Dad in a play or pageant of any kind!

That reminds me of a 'going to the movies' story with hubby. When "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" came out in 1991 starring Kevin Costner, it was so crowded that I went into the theater to secure our seats while hubby stood in line at the concession counter. The movie started and I kept watching for him, looking over my shoulder at the entrance. Finally, after about 20 minutes, here he comes with popcorn and drinks. He scoots into his seat and gets comfortable. Then comes the scene where they're building the village in the trees and hubby whispers to me, "Hey, they're building another village!" I had no idea what he was talking about. After the movie, he told me he'd gone into the wrong theater looking for me -- since that showing had started earlier, he had already seen part of the middle of the movie -- then he found me and watched the same scenes over again!

jayaycee said...

Haaaa! I'm glad you're enjoying them. :)