December 4, 2009

A Confusing Disney Christmas

When our Granddaughter was little, we were fortunate to live near a house that was really decorated for Christmas each year. People would drive for miles to see their display. They had lots of animated vignettes and music and lights and every Saturday night Santa would be out in his sleigh to take pictures and hand out candy canes. We especially loved it because we could walk over there after dinner and wander through the amazing display.

She was 2 years old when Disney released "The Prince of Egypt," which she loved. And she was also very into all the Disney Princesses. She loved to dress up and would clop up and down the tile hallway in her plastic high heels like a Clydesdale in a beer commercial. She had fairy costumes and tiaras and jewelry and it was so adorable.

One of the vignettes was a religious scene of the Christmas crèche with strings of lights stretching above it to form a pyramid high in the sky. There were life-size animal figurines and statues of Mary, Joseph and the three Wise Men. The baby Jesus was lying in his cradle with a golden halo around his head. It was a beautiful display that made you stop and celebrate the real reason for the season.

So one Saturday evening in December 1998, we finished dinner, put on our jackets and walked over to the Christmas house for a visit. We, obviously, weren't the only family to have this idea because there were tons of people milling around. We started at the crèche scene this time and walked up to stand right in front of the cradle.

It's amazing how these things happen, but all of a sudden the music stopped as the song changed and it was strangely quiet, even with all of the people around. Right then, as the Granddaughter gazed upon the baby Jesus, something clicked in her Disney-soaked brain and she said -- very loud in her high-pitched little girl voice, "Oh, look, it's the Princess Jesus."

Everyone heard her and the crowd was very appreciative with lots of laughter. We realized that she had confused the baby Jesus' golden halo with a princess crown and thrown in the title of her latest Disney tape to boot -- "The Prince of Egypt" became "The Princess Jesus."

There's nothing like a Disney Christmas!


Kelli said...

That's our cutie-patootie! Let us know if you see the new "Princess & the Frog" movie - it looks good!

jayaycee said...

Yep, that one's been placed on the "to be seen" list.

Tabitha Blue said...

Hahaha, that is just too adorable. I love the sweet things kids say, and so innocent! What great memories. :)

4badbill said...

Love this story. What a precious little girl your granddaughter must be!!!

jayaycee said...

She is simply the best. We have always been very close and I so appreciate that, knowing how kids sometimes get to an age where they're embarrassed to be seen with you. Christmas has always been really special for the two of us. We have matching Christmas aprons and watch sappy Christmas movies all year (drives my hubby -- her Bampa -- nuts)! She hugs me and says, "We're the Christmas girls, huh, Nana!" Geez, I'm going to get myself all teary-eyed here.