December 15, 2009

Candy Trivia

The baby shower was so much fun. There were 10 of us and we had put two tables together to make a great big square dinner table so all of us could sit together and eat. The little momma got some wonderful gifts and loved the knitted horsie blanket.

We had "Cook Yourself Thin" Stuffed Shells and "Pioneer Woman Cooks" Comfort Meatballs, chopped salad with raspberry vinaigrette and fresh baked dinner rolls. I used pacifiers for cute napkin rings and gave them all to the momma to take home. It will be a long time before she has to search for a pacifier.

We had snowball cupcakes for dessert -- devil's food with buttercream icing rolled in sweetened coconut.

And for favors, I decided to send everyone home with a breakfast treat ... cinnamon rolls with maple icing from the "Pioneer Woman Cooks" cookbook. Put two in each favor bag and tied with a baby blue curly ribbon. To quote my husband, "These cinnamon rolls are sick!" They really are delicious. Link for recipe.

Now for the candy trivia. For one of my favorite party games, I put candy in a container and whoever guesses the number of pieces closest without going over takes the container home.

This time I put Reese's Pieces in a decorative glass jar. There are 655 Reese's Pieces in a 1 pound, 1.25 oz. bag of candy. I actually ended up breaking into a second bag to fill the jar. The closest guess was 500 something -- by the momma-to-be.


Sara said...

Wow, momma-to-be is lucky to have such a good friend to throw her such an all-out great party! The pacifier napkin rings are very creative. So, did you count every one of those Reese's Pieces, or was that something you find out on their web site?

Kelli said...

You should write a book - "Parties by Jayaycee". Seriously.

jayaycee said...

I counted every single one of them. And I only ate a couple. ;-)

jayaycee said...

I'll put that on my To Do List. Ha!!! Still trying to get my Christmas cards done.

4badbill said...

What a happy party! I love the idea of using pacifiers as napkins rings! You're brilliant. That recipe for cinnamon rolls is to die for. I hope I don't make them too often. Sigh.

jayaycee said...

You're telling me. I might as well just stick the cinnamon rolls to my hips cause that's where they're ending up!