August 26, 2010

New York Stories - Nobody Likes a Blabbermouth

During the same New York City trip that I mentioned earlier, there was a lot of shopping done. Hubby was working so I had to spend enough for both of us. This was before the recession so I was elbow-to-elbow with many other credit card wielding bargain hunters.

I love to walk. Especially those enormous NYC blocks. There is so much to see and why spend time (and money) zipping around in a cab when you can pound the pavement and see everything up close and personal? We were staying at the Grand Hyatt in Midtown and I had decided I wanted to visit an antique shop. I took my map and the store address to the concierge for a little help. I tend to be directionally challenged and easily turned around so I need all the help I can get. He took his yellow highlighter and drew a box around the safe area for tourists, marking the streets I shouldn't venture past. The antique shop I was heading to was in the yellow line. Whatever!

I was in New York with a whole day to explore and I wasn't going to let a few potential muggers keep me from antiquing. I walked ... and walked. It was around 25 blocks to the shop. That is 25 freakin' huge NYC blocks. What a blast. There are so many people. So many people, it's mind boggling! When I finally made it to the street in question, between 5th and 7th Avenues, I stopped and stared down the street. Compared to the busy avenues I'd been walking, this was quiet and a little seedy looking.

But I'd made it all that way by myself and nothing was going to stop me now. A shady looking guy passed me and I have to say the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I gripped my purse tighter under my arm and thought, "Just try it, sucker." Okay, I was really thinking, "Please God, just let me make it inside the antique store in one piece."

It was so worth the trip. This was a tall, skinny building and the store was actually 7 floors of antiques. It was awesome. I spent a few hours poking around there, then walked 25 blocks back to the hotel, stopping for a slice of pizza. I Love New York!

Another day, I met Hubby for lunch near his office building, then walked myself over to the Diamond District also known as jewelry shopping central. I was searching for a specific necklace of pearls on a choker chain. I'd seen it on one of my customers and knew exactly what I wanted. Didn't take me long to find it and the shopkeeper cut it to just the right length for me while I waited.

I called Hubby and said, "Thank you!"

He, of course, thought I was talking about lunch.

"No," I told him, "for the beautiful necklace you just bought me." He is such a keeper!

This was the trip where we flew our Oldest Daughter and the Granddaughter in. And this was close to the end of my 10-day visit so a lot ... a lot of shopping had been done. I'm sure the fraud department was on red alert at the credit card company.

I had a special treat planned for the Granddaughter. A trip to American Girl Place New York on 5th Avenue. Have you seen this place? What a racket! It is enormous -- about four stories of dolls, clothes, theater, restaurant, photo studio, salon and doll hospital. The salon is for the dolls ... to have their hair done. The day we went, the waiting time was around 5 hours ... that's right, to have your doll's hair styled! We passed on that, but she picked out a mini-me doll with blond hair and blue eyes.

I bought the Granddaughter and the doll matching outfits, a few more changes of clothing and her very own little dog, Coconut. We spent hours in this place, wandering from floor to floor. It was a sensory overload of cuteness. There were little shoppers running around squealing, clutching their dolls and comparing their outfits.

By the time we hit the checkout line, we'd racked up about $200 -- which I have to say, probably wasn't too bad looking at all the bags other people were carrying. However, I was feeling guilty about all my spending throughout the trip and wondering if Hubby was going to think I'd gone over the edge. So I told the Granddaughter, "Let Nana tell Bampa how much she spent here, okay?"

She says, "Okay."

But it's like this nervous tic overtook her little American Girl soaked brain. All the way down the street, she's skipping along, hugging her doll, saying, "Wow, Nana, you spent $200!"

I keep saying, "Nana will tell Bampa, okay???"

We're riding up the elevator at the hotel and she's showing the other passengers her doll, trilling, "Look, my Nana spent $200 at the American Girl doll store!"And of course they're chuckling at how adorable she is, all excited with her rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes.

By now I'm starting to sweat. She had taken the room key out of my coat pocket and bolted down the hallway as soon as the elevator doors opened. She's a quick little stinker. She had the room door open and I could hear her sweet little piercing voice shrieking, "Guess what, Bampa? Nana spent $200 at the American Girl doll store!"

I shouldn't have worried because, let's face it, this was for baby girl who the world revolves around and she has her Bampa wrapped tightly around her little finger. I learned a valuable lesson, though. Don't trust the little blabbermouth with any sensitive information!

She actually came by this honestly. Many years before, when her mother, our Oldest Daughter was a child, she went shopping with me and my Mom for a gift for my Dad. Mom bought Dad a new watch and told her, "This is a surprise so don't tell Grandpa I got him a watch." No sooner had she opened the door to the house than the little snitch told him, "Grandma got you a watch for Christmas."

I think we need one of those signs they have at the amusement park that says ...

You can't be trusted with secrets unless you're this tall!


Baby Sister said...

I'm directionally challenged too...I have it down to a science in Utah because of the mountains...but get me out of Utah and I'll be in trouble!! Your granddaughter is adorable!!
If you ever get one of those signs, let me know...I need to make some for some people I know...

Snowcatcher said...

Geez! I was tickled all the way through this! What a great read! The only thing missing is a picture of her with her sparkling eyes!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That is so my sons! I can't buy anything without them telling daddy...but like that stops me!

Cheeseboy said...

Your stories make me so jealous of your NY trip. I love that city. I could walk the streets every day for a week and never get bored.

I bet you would have kicked the crud out of that potential mugger.

Joann Mannix said...

I miss that city. I, too, just love walking its fine streets.

We just got back from Chicago, the birthplace of the American Girl Doll. You should see their new store! What a racket is right! Fortunately, my girls are now too old

But my niece isn't! we spent about that much on here and then took her to tea which was absolutely adorable.

lisaschaos said...

Amen! Little ones tend to just spill things out, lol. She sounds like she was very excited though. :) What an adventure you had! Brave lady! glad you didn't get mugged. :)