September 14, 2009

Salad Serving Set

Salad serving set, salad serving set, salad serving set -- say it real fast three times. Okay, that one is not as hard as Sally sells seashells by the seashore, but it is about something I treated myself to recently.

Beaded salad serving setA few months ago at the farmers' market I enjoy attending the most in our area, I talked to a woman whose booth was full of cute gifty items like imprinted napkins and beautiful serving pieces. She beads and decorates them and does the personalized napkin imprinting herself.

Blue is my favorite color. I have some antique cobalt blue glass items that I just love and when I saw this gorgeous salad spoon and fork beaded in cobalt blue beads, I was feeling that happy shopping place feeling. But I didn't get them the first time I saw them because we are, like everyone else we know, cutting back on the spending. Then after I got home, I decided I really wanted them. So, of course, the next few times I went to the farmers' market she wasn't there and I was really kicking myself for not getting them. But, happy day, she was there last Saturday and I am now the proud owner of this gorgeous salad serving set.

Each piece is about 10" long and the set was only $29. I do have another beautiful set given to me by a friend, but they are most definitely Christmas in design and, as much as I love Christmas, I can't bring myself to use them throughout the year.

Our salads may not be any more nutritious, but it sure is more fun serving them!


Kelli said...

Wow, those are gorgeous. Kudos for actually using your beautiful things. I tend to put them away "for special occasions" and then forget I have them.

Last year at an art/craft fair some young guys had taken cheap restaurant silverware and bent, twisted, added bits of wire and whatnot to pieces to make them into a full orchestra - little people with all the different instruments. It was fantastic.

jayaycee said...

I do like to use our nice things. The other night we served birthday cake and I used the pearl-handled cake server from our wedding.