September 8, 2009

Going Green with Laughter

So we're sitting out on the patio in the lovely cool breeze this morning and I'm reading the Opinions page in the local paper. An article entitled, "Penny-wise mothers were 1st to 'go green'" had me laughing out loud!

Petula Dvorak


Written by Petula Dvorak, a Metro Columnist with The Washington Post, this story is about cocktail party conversation involving women whose mothers are immigrants from around the world. How their mothers never throw anything away. They have bags of bags and serve meals on the styrofoam trays that raw meat comes on.

Here is the link to her original story at The Washington Post ("A Trendsetter On Recycling, If Not Shoes"), but following is my favorite excerpt from the article ...

          "I am living green for years. I use all my containers over and over. I wash all plastic bags. The bags you don't use for dog poop, you use for your lunch," she told the student journalists doing a documentary on green living.

Read it and weep with laughter!

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