July 10, 2010

You Think You Feel Old!

An article in yesterday's Arizona Republic newspaper is all about a woman in Sachire, Georgia, who is claimed to be 130 years old, even though documentation has not yet been verified.

An excerpt from the Associated Press article reads ...

     The woman who lives with her 40-year-old grandson in an idyllic vine-covered country house in the mountains, retired from her job as a tea and corn picker in 1965, when she was 85, records say.
     "I've always been healthy, and I've worked all my life - at home and at the farm," said Antisa Khvichava, in a bright dress and headscarf, her withering lips rejuvenated by shiny red lipstick.

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking I won't be whining about feeling old anymore! I also don't ever plan to sport shiny red lipstick on my withering lips.


Dazee Dreamer said...

ummmm, her hands didn't look that old. just sayin.

Loren said...

wow ~ that is just crazy!!! She really looks good for 130! LOL you don't ever say that now do ya???

Thanks for the smile :)