December 4, 2010

Sports Schmorts!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that I'm not a big sports fan. Hubby has been involved in sports all his life -- wrestling, football, golf -- he even went to college on a baseball scholarship. And now he loves nothing more than watching sports on TV, be it college or professional or even a peewee game. Do they televise those? Around the time we got married, I remember telling him that I was going to watch a movie one evening and he had a conniption. He's outraged, "Oh no, you can't watch a movie, I'm watching Monday night football!" Mind you, this was when we only had one television in the house, down in the family room. I was standing at the stove, probably stirring spaghetti sauce which we ate a lot back then. I asked him, "So who's playing?" And he kind of hollers, "I don't know!" Then we both laughed really hard. Because the point was he didn't know or even care who was playing as long as he was watching. Yikes!

But my sweet Hubby shares with me things in the newspaper that he finds amusing. Come on, ladies, don't you love to be read to? It may not be poetry ... okay, it's definitely not poetry. This article was in the Arizona Republic recently on the top rivalries in major college football. We were laughing about what these games have been nicknamed:

Alabama - Auburn: The Iron Bowl (these Bama fans mean serious business - I adore Lori's blog, The Foremans and her take on The Iron Bowl -
ASU - U of A: The Duel in the Desert
Michigan - Ohio State: The Game (far be it from me to criticize, but this could be more personal or original!)
Oklahoma - Texas: Red River Rivalry
California - Stanford: The Big Game (at least they've added the word Big)
BYU - Utah: The Holy War
Clemson - South Carolina: Palmetto Bowl
Kansas - Missouri: Border War
Pittsburgh - West Virginia: Backyard Brawl
Oregon - Oregon State: The Civil War

And my very favorite from the list ... drumroll, please ...

Florida - Georgia: The World's Largest Cocktail Party

Even I, crappy sports fan that I am, would attend a football game called The World's Largest Cocktail Party. I would even put on a cocktail dress and heels for it.


Baby Sister said...

Lol!! Those are hilarious. I love BYU and brothers/dad are AVID BYU fans and they do not miss that game if they can help. That's pretty much all the boys talk about at the dinner table. I don't know how many times I've thanked Boyfriend for not being into sports...

Loren said...

Men and their football. ah yi yi! Crazy to say the least!
Spent the day shopping with MOM and she informed me for Christmas she wants your Le Cruset know the blue one! At least that's what I came to dig into your posts to confirm so I can find one for her! LOL
Oh ya, She tried to find your cake bc my little brother is turning 40 on the 17th and she thought that would just be the perfect cake....Get this! You cannot buy them ANYWHERE! SOOO tell your hubby you have a collectible in the cake of yours ~ He will surely get a kick out of that!! LOL

Love ya!

jayayceeblog said...

@ Loren - I actually ended up with the Emile Henry Azur Lasagna Dish instead of the LeCreuset because they are out of stock at CSN Stores but I love it. I don't dare tell Hubby your Mom wants the singing/dancing birthday cake -- he'll ship it to her before I know it's gone! =D

Dazee Dreamer said...

I would totally go to the coctail bowl with you. Could be rather fun.

Oh, and really, those cupcakes on your header, grabbed my face today and I was licking the screen. Geez woman, you're killing me here.

jayayceeblog said...

@ Dazee - Yeah, I'll bet we could have a good time at the Cocktail Bowl ... makes me giggle just thinking about it!!! Here's the link to my post on the cupcakes. It's a boxed cake mix with cream cheese frosting, rolled in coconut ... Yum! Now I have to make a batch!

Thanks for popping by!!!

Lori said...

I LOVE THIS POST!! Thanks for linking up to my blog! I didn't know all those names but I did not some of them. You would be really surprised by how many cocktail dresses you would see at the Southern ballgames! I bet half the women at the FL/GA game have on cocktail dresses. If you came to a Bama game, there are houndstooth dresses and jewelry everywhere... it is an EVENT and yes, there are normally cocktails:)

Anonymous said...

I would totally go the the "World's Largest Cocktail Party" with you...lbd and all!

Mojito anyone?

And we could bring the Dammit dolls in case anyone started bothering us!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Okay, those are funny but I do not watch football at all. I will watch the Superbowl each year. It's sad that we don't agree because now we are never together.
Maybe once a week to watch a movie.

Noelle said...

That holy war between the Utah teams...that's something to behold i'm telling you!!! It's insane to see how people get into their teams!

Kathleen said...

I would definitely attend a game with the title of largest cocktail party! I'm surrounded by sports nuts also. Sometimes I go in the other room and watch something else but most of the time I keep one eye on the game and spend the time reading my book!