March 16, 2010

Lemon Fresh

Been dragging around with a little flu bug this last week, but managed to make it outside the house a few times. We have had so much Spring rain, the wildflowers are ... wild! Driving to the grocery store, I passed this house:

Isn't that a gorgeous yard full of colorful wildflowers?

Hubby and I stripped all of our citrus trees of fruit and pruned them back for the season. The lemons are enormous and juicy. I need some new lemon recipes beyond the lemon meringue pie and lemonade.

And didja know that lemon trees have enormous thorns on the branches? I picked a cut branch up off the ground and it was kind of stuck in a pile so I yanked it. Darn thing whipped around and poked me in the backside.

The upside to all this was our whole yard smelled lemon fresh. No wonder they make furniture polish and cleaning products lemon scented!


Kelli said...

Had no idea lemon trees had thorns - ya learn somthin' new every day! Wonder if you could make your own scented candles or dry slices for potpourri? The desert has it's own mysterious beauty - what a privilege to live there.

jayaycee said...

We do love living here. Hmmmmm ... lemon scented candles. Might have to do some research on that!

Kelli said...

I'll be looking for that lemon-scented package if you figure it out! : )

Sara said...

Wow, I knew you and I were a lot alike, but we even got sick the same week! How does that happen across so many miles? Here's to feeling human again!

jayaycee said...

I'm still lacking a little pep in my step so I've dialed everything back to the slowpoke level. Definitely ... here's to feeling human again!!!