November 18, 2009

Lobster Tales and Other Fishy Stories

A few nights ago, Youngest Daughter came over for dinner and we ordered in sushi. Hubby was having spicy tuna roll that he had coated in a thick paste of wasabi and soy sauce. We have both fallen in love with wasabi -- the hotter the better -- when it wafts up your nose and makes your eyes burn and closes your throat for a minute. Good stuff!

So YD asks if she can taste his spicy tuna roll and, of course, he says "Yes" and offers her a piece. She picks it up with her chopsticks and I have to intervene at this point and tell her she may want to just take a small bite of it because the wasabi is hot. She looks at me for half a second and proceeds to cram the entire piece into her mouth. Let's count ... five, four, three, two, one ... and she spits the whole thing out onto her plate and runs to the sink to rinse her mouth. She is 31 years old -- when do you think she'll start listening to me?

This reminds us of our visit to Foster's, a nice seafood restaurant that used to be in Scottsdale. We took her to dinner there probably 5 or 6 years ago and she decides she wants lobster for the first time. I ordered lobster, too, because it's one of my favorites and we put on our little plastic bibs and get ready to feast. The server brings out a platter and sets it in front of YD and she kind of shrieks. "It's looking at me. I can't eat that." She didn't realize that it came out whole with eyeballs and everything. Since this was the most expensive thing on the menu, we had to dismantle it for her and hide the disgusting parts so she could eat her dinner.

A friend once told us about taking his family to a nice Italian restaurant and when his daughter was served her dish of pasta, she screamed so loud the entire place stopped breathing. He asked her what was wrong and she replied (still very loudly), "There's a bug in my food and it's still alive." "How do you know?" he asked her. And she said, with everyone listening, "Because it's testicles are still moving!" Clearly, she meant tentacles. Got a good laugh.

And finally, Hubby and I took a vacation to Cape Cod. What a wonderful time. I'd highly recommend it. We were having lobster in a very nice restaurant, apparently seated directly under a vent that ran from the kitchen area. All of a sudden, this aroma comes wafting through the vent that smells suspiciously like -- oregano -- or would that be marijuana. Hubby calls the server over and says, "Smell that? I don't think it's on the menu."

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