March 8, 2011

What's Cookin' - Egg Salad Sandwiches

Egg Salad is one of those things that seem to evoke strong emotions in people. You either LOVE it or you HATE it. I happen to absolutely LOVE Egg Salad. I've ordered it in a lot of different delis, diners and restaurants and am usually left unsatisfied with their renditions. I've only found one sandwich place that makes it just the way I like it.

I was thinking about Easter (which falls on April 24th this year - seems really late) a few days ago and got this strong hankerin' for Egg Salad. I guess all those boiled eggs popped into my head and just wouldn't go away. Hubby, being the sweetheart that he is, offered to make a grocery store run for me since I only had about eight eggs in the fridge.

I wonder if everyone has their own method for boiling eggs. Our Youngest Daughter still calls me nearly every time she boils eggs because she just can't remember how. Here's my tried and true method.

Place your eggs in a pan and put just enough water so they're almost covered, but not quite.

Heat the water to boiling, then turn down to low, cover with a lid and set the timer for 15 minutes.

Once the timer goes off, move the pan to the sink, fill with cold water and throw in some ice cubes for good measure. Cools the water down faster.

I like to make Egg Salad while the eggs are still warm. Mixes up nicely and tastes so good.

I don't use exact measurements -- just drop things in by spoonful.

Egg Salad

1 dozen boiled, peeled eggs
A scoop of butter (probably a couple of Tablespoons)
A scoop of mayonnaise (probably 1/2 cup)
A squirt of yellow mustard (probably 1 Tablespoon)
Salt and pepper

I use a potato masher to smash the eggs into large chunks.

Stir it all together well and pile on buttered toast.

Our family has always loved having boiled eggs on hand in the fridge. The way I kept the kids from breaking raw eggs by mistake is by penciling an X on the end. Better safe than sorry ...

So are there any other Egg Salad lovers out there?

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Elizabeth @ Southern Comfort said...

Oh my goodness, how I love egg salad! I'm with you, stick with what you know is good. I'm like that with chicken salad too. I've been so disappointed with restaurants renditions that now I just make my own when I have a craving. Unfortunately, now that I've read this post, I want egg salad. :) Yumm.

Baby Sister said...

I looked at the picture with the ice cubes before I read the caption and I thought "What the heck is in the water???? Does she cut up her eggs while they're in there?" Lol. That'll teach me. :D I don't mind them, but they're not my favorite sandwich.

Snowcatcher said...

Now that I'm drooling all over my keyboard... :)

My second favorite sandwich in the whole world, behind a tomato sandwich on homemade, fresh out of the oven bread. Of course, my first favorite sandwich tastes great with egg salad on it, too...

heavenisabookstore said...

Leaving my address - please ship to me. I just picked up a fresh baked loaf of cranberry walnut bread at the local bakery and YUM would this taste scrumptious on that!!

Tightwad Mom said...

I am a big time egg salad lover. Sometimes I just eat it on a bed of spinach when I don't want to eat the bread. It's a cheap and delicious lunch.

Tiffanee said...

Love the x on the boiled egg idea.

Loren said...

OkI just have to say thankyou! What for you ask?
A recipe....i love it but no that's not it.
the pictures....They are sooo good, but no not that
letting me know when Easter is??? umm, nope.

Sharing that your daughter still calls and asks how to boil eggs....BINGO!!! I am NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!!!!

You know my Mom reads your blog everyday but I just texted her and asked her if she read today so just FYI we had ourselves a good laugh!
Love you and Love your blog!! Thanks for being YOU!

Pepsi Breath said...

I've only ever made tuna salad at home. But I do add LOTS of egg to it. I had to look up boiling eggs in a cookbook when I first got married because Mom was a long distance call. Going to try your method because mine are often hard to peel. Thanks!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Now I'm hungry! Love it :)

lisaschaos said...

Egg salad no, deviled eggs yes - funny looks like they hold similar ingredients. For boiling eggs I cover the eggs completely, no lid, boil 15 minutes, remove from heat, sit in sink and run cold water into the pan, pour all water out and cold water again. lol

Kathleen said...

I LOVE egg salad!